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Bitter Night (Horngate Witches Series #1)

Bitter Night (Horngate Witches Series #1) - Diana Pharaoh Francis August Group Read True Love 101Max is a Shadowblade. Once human, she was recreated by Giselle with superhuman abilities and endurance. Carved into her soul are spells which bind her and compel her to protect Giselle and her coven home, Horngate. Now powerful beings, the Guardians are stirring and what they want isn't entirely clear. But whatever it is it can't be good for humans...the only question is, will Horngate be able to survive or will they be swept up in the maelstrom. Bitter Night doesn't always work. It occasionally felt a bit like a video game...the characters would go on missions to collect magical objects, do battle with bad guys, take some hits, lose some hearts...then they'd eat and regain their hearts. It meanders a little, particularly towards the end but the book is ultimately saved by characters you like and want to get to know better. A promising start to the series.