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Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul Series #1)

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson This book and Lady of Light and Shadows should be read together. They are fundamentally one book that has been split into two The fae and their kin, magical cat like beasts called tairen are dying. Rain the last Tairen Soul, and the only fae able to shift into the form of tairen asks the gods for help in saving the two dying races. The gods send him to Celieria for his answer. There he finds Elysetta, a young woman who is his truemate a bond so deep that if one of them dies, the other will die also. It's the first time a Tairen Soul has ever found a truemate. After being decimated by Rain in the Mage War more than 1000 years ago, the Eld have been rebuilding their evil empire and plotting. Now they are putting their plans into action but nobody in Celieria is listening to the warnings the fae are giving them. Mage are within the city walls inciting foment against the fae. This book is pretty good but I have a problem with it. Well the problem is that this isn't a book it's half a book. The first two books are in fact one book, and need to be read together. Lord of Fading Lands basically just ends in the middle of the story. No resolution, nothing. It's kind of annoying. So for that reason I'm only giving this 3 Stars. Buy yourself a roll of duct tape and stick Lord of Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows together and the rating goes up to 4.5 Stars Lady of Light and Shadows review