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Phantom Waltz (Kendrick-Coulter-Harringan Series #2)

Phantom Waltz - Catherine Anderson I quite enjoyed this book. It's the story of the relationship between a rancher and a paraplegic woman. He falls in love with her almost on first sight but her unique problems make her wary, so Ryan (the rancher) sets about winning her over. He relentlessly pursues her, all the while modifying his home to suit a paraplegic woman. I don't really know all that much about paraplegia, but it's plain that the author has done her research...in parts it reads like an undergraduates thesis. Obviously it's important that Catherine Anderson knows the subject she is writing about, but knowing something doesn't mean it should be put in the book. I found the love scenes inordinately long and overly detailed, but for the most part this was both entertaining and enlightening.