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My Kind of Christmas (Virgin River Series #20)

My Kind of Christmas - Robyn Carr After his best friend is killed in combat, Patrick takes medical leave from Navy. He heads to Virgin River to get himself together and plan his next move. Angie is in Virgin River after a catastrophic car accident which left her questioning her life direction. Both will be in Virgin River for the month leading up to Christmas. In the few weeks they are together they fall in love and come to rely on each other. But their time is short, Patrick has committed himself to looking after his friend's widow, and he needs to get back to Navy. Angie's needs to decide if she is returning to University or changing her priorities in life.What I likedI really liked the story arc of Angie organizing plastic surgery for little Megan whose face was badly scarred after an accident. I think Ms Carr could have stripped down the story a little and just focused on Angie, Patrick and Megan's story and that would have worked well. What I didn't likeRobyn Carr often puts characters in her books that will get their own story down the road. I can only assume that she has plans for Marie (the widow) in a future book because she didn't really add anything to this story.Overall, this is very good contemporary romance. It's light and fluffy, relentlessly optimistic and upbeat, it's a great book for Christmas. Many thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley for this ARC.