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Sunrise Point (Virgin River Series #19)

Sunrise Point - Robyn Carr Since she first appeared in Bring Me Home for Christmas, Nora Crane has been a favorite character for me. Impoverished and abandoned, she found herself in Virgin River with her two children, huddled in a derelict house with no heating during a blizzard.The people of Virgin River helped her through that first Winter and have been supporting her in her efforts to get back on her feet. Three books later she is still poor and in need of a job. When she sees a notice pinned to the board at Jack's Bar for a job picking apples she applies. Tom owns the orchard with his grandmother, and when he sees her he dismisses her application without a second thought, but his grandmother has other ideas and over-rules him.Sunrise Point had some great moments, but it was a long way from the best book in the series. The relationship between Nora and Tom was stalled for most of the book and it only really got going in the last couple of chapters. One of the things I like about Robyn Carr's writing is the way she weaves different stories together into one book, but it wasn't working for me in this book.