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What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips As a young TV star, Georgie's first love was her co-star Bram. Back then he was completely self absorbed and after he took her virginity he walked out on her, leaving her alone and humiliated. Fast forward 10 years and Georgie's husband has left her for a saint, she's had three box office flops and is looking a little frayed around the edges. She runs away from Hollywood only to run into Bram and after a drunken tryst finds herself wedded to him. He's still the bad boy she loathes but she's desperate for some good publicity so they continue the charade, but as she gets to know him she discovers a passion and a compassion that she sorely needs. What I Did for Love isn't my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, but of the half dozen or so I've read I think it's the most balanced. What I often find with SEP is the supporting characters are much more interesting than her protagonists and it's true with this one as well. For me the real stars in this book are Bram's cranky house keeper and Georgie's dowdy agent.