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Glitter Baby

Glitter Baby - Susan Elizabeth Phillips It's not too bad but I found some parts of it a little annoying. I didn't much like the whole caricature of "evil" that was Alexei...I mean he's not just a manipulative sociopath with a creepy calling card (white roses), he's a pedophile complete with henchmen. The hero had a past, and when I found out what that past was I thought, "WTF??", it wasn't really much of a past and I think SEP took the easy way out. I don't think SEP writes men very well. As usual I found myself liking secondary characters in this book. SEP makes her protagonists a bit on the white bread side, and her secondary characters are often much more interesting. I enjoyed it for what it is. It's not the greatest book ever written. To be honest it's a long way from the greatest SEP book written, but for a bit of fluff it does it's job.