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Hidden Summit (Virgin River Series #17)

Hidden Summit - Robyn Carr After witnessing a murder, the DA moves Conner to Virgin River to keep him safe until the trial. Leslie moves to Virgin River to get away from her ex-husband who still tries to exercise control over her. Both are a little wary but definitely attracted to each other. Excluding novellas this is the 15th time we have visited Virgin River, and Robyn Carr is going from strength to strength with the series. New characters arrive while other characters fade into the background. Personal favorites Dan Brady and Cheryl Creighton play a small part in the book which made my day and those who have read all of Robyn Carr's books will be very happy when a Harley Davidson riding biker turns up at Jack's bar. It's a very satisfying book although I was a little disappointed in the conclusion...still, I can't have everything, where would I put it? Has some descriptive sex scenes in it so those who have an aversion to that might find a reason to complain but Robyn Carr never goes overboard and those scenes are appropriate to the story.