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Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard In the late 1980s I drove a bright green Alfasud, although drive might be too generous a term considering most of the time it was broken down. Whenever it rained water would poor in through the windshield which wasn't installed correctly on the production line. For a few days after it rained the car smelled like a line backers underpants. Underneath the carpet there was a whole in the floor caused by rust. I loved that car.Mr Perfect isn't a particularly good book, the dialogue is stilted and forced in parts, the premise is predictable...I think I had picked the villain about a quarter of the way into the book...I also picked the villain's victims. Having said that, despite all the flaws I quite enjoyed this book. It's remarkably similar to Veil of Night which I think is a much better book but this book still entertained me well enough.