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Veil of Night

Veil of Night - Linda Howard There are so many things to like about this book it's hard to know where to start. Jaclyn Wilde is a wedding planner, she deals with bridezillas on a daily basis and is always able to keep her head, smooth things over and make their wedding special. That is until she meets the ultimate bridezilla, Carrie Edwards who has managed to offend just about everyone involved in the wedding including the maid of honor, so when Carrie turns up dead, there are plenty of suspects.Detective Eric Wilder is assigned to the case but things get complicated when he discovers the last person known to have seen Carrie alive is Jaclyn, the woman he slept with the night before. She's not too happy to see him and even less so when he makes it known she is a suspect.So the things I love about this book:1. It's laugh out loud funny in parts. Eric's determination to buy a coffee which is constantly thwarted by him stumbling in on robberies is almost keystone cops...but in a good way.2. It takes place over a single week but the measure on time is really the weddings and rehearsals that take place over that week.3. All the characters both the protagonists and the antagonists were written well.4. And perhaps most of all, the book was packed full of strong and determined women. Even the getaway car driver from one of Eric's attempted coffee purchases was quite cleverly written even though she only had a single line of dialogue.