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Now You See Her

Now You See Her - Linda Howard Linda Howard always strikes me as an author with potential. I've read maybe 7 or 8 of her books and I've quite liked them all, but in each case couldn't help thinking 'this would be better if....'. There have only been two of her books which I have no reservations about. Veil of Night and this one. This book centers around Paris, an artist who has strange psychic abilities. When she approaches a red light, it turns green. Her potted plants thrive regardless of how she treats them. She knows the answers on Jeopardy as the questions are being asked and she sees ghosts. Now a new disturbing ability is starting to manifest itself, she is getting up in the middle of the night and painting a murder scenes. The question is, can she finish the painting before the murderer makes sure she never finishes it?The characters in this book are really well developed. I found myself loathing someone one minute and then feeling sympathy for them the next. It's been a problem in some of her other books that the villains have been almost a cartoonish caricature of what a villain should look like. It's not a problem in this book.