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Extreme Exposure (by Pamela Clare)

Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare

Full disclosure, I'm going to repeat something which cEe beE said in her review of Extreme Exposure. You can see it here:  


cEe beE's Review


Kara is a hard nosed reporter and single mother. After a whistle-blower contacts her, she finds herself investigating a company that is dumping toxic waste into the environment. But there is high level corruption which reaches all the way up to the state legislature and a lot of powerful people who want the story squashed.


Reece is a State Senator. As a member of the audit committee it's his job to oversee politicians and government employees...making sure they fully disclose their interests and don't make any undue claims. But one or more of the members of the audit committee might be receiving kickbacks.  


When Kara and Reece cross paths there is a spark but it isn't long before Kara realizes Reece is closer to her investigation than she's comfortable with.


I've only read two books by Pamela Claire. Skin Deep which was written in 2012, and this book written in 2005. I really don't know what happened in the intervening years but it's plainly obvious that she has developed into a very good writer. Calling a spade a spade, this book is a pale shadow of Skin Deep.  Extreme Exposure doesn't quite have the balance right. It seemed a little too heavy on the "romantic" and a bit light on the "suspense". It's entertaining enough...I was never tempted to walk away from it, but it lacked that mysterious something which Skin Deep had.