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The Secret of Everything - Barbara O'Neal After a tragic accident on a hike she was leading, Tessa returns to Las Ladronas, the town in New Mexico where she was born. Living with almost overwhelming grief she starts searching for answers to questions that have long been buried. Questions of her childhood and the hippie commune where she lived the first years of her life. While there she meets Vince, a single father who is raising his three daughters, one of whom is still grieving the devastating loss of her mother. It's hard to avoid superlatives with this book. It's just amazing, it's a journey of forgiveness, and perhaps even redemption. As Tessa pulls at the threads of her past she forms an unlikely bond with Vince's troubled daughter and together they are able to learn to move forward again. I've read a lot of books with similar plots. What really separates this one is an almost oppressive malevolence that seeps from the pages. Are they ghosts? All I'll say is when I found out I was surprised.