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Running Against Traffic - Gaelen VanDenbergh After her husband abandons her in a back-water Pennsylvania town, leaving her in a dilapidated house, Paige finds herself in a downward spiral of depression and alcoholism. Realising that she needs a focus she takes up running, and through that and with the help of her neighbors she gradually starts to rebuild her life. Running Against Traffic is a pretty good first effort with one or two missteps. There were twenty-something pages of e-mail correspondence right in the middle of this book which really didn't work. Honestly I skipped through most of it. I got the gist of what was going on and then just tried to get past it. There is an awful lot going on in this book....a lot of characters and a lot of stories. By the end it seemed like the author was rushing to tie up all the loose ends. That said, I enjoyed this book a lot. The author has a lot of raw talent and she'll go along way if she can learn to pace herself.