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Penelope (by Anya Wilde)

Penelope ( A Madcap Regency Romance ) - Anya Wylde

When the Duchess of Blackthorne invites Penelope to stay with her in London and to pay for her introduction to society it is a rare opportunity. Leaving behind her rural home and her wicked step-mother she travels to the stately manor with her goat and immediately finds herself clashing with the dowager's¹ son the duke.

With no home to return to, she must make the most of the season and find herself a husband...pretty much anyone will do. With a little help from a cross dressing modiste² she learns the ways of polite society and starts attending balls. But her entry into the ton³ is anything but plain sailing and a series of comic catastrophes ensue.


Penelope is a bit of a romp. It's a laugh out loud funny Regency Romance which, for the most part worked although there was a section in the middle which dragged and the jokes were occasionally a little too much. The book settled down at about the 70% mark and I was ready for that. A lot of fun.


¹ Dowager (n): the widow of a duke or a lord

² Modiste (n): a lady's dressmaker

³ Ton (n): fashionable society / the aristocracy