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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs 3.5 StarsMercy Thompson is a Skin Walker. She can take the form of a coyote whenever the mood takes her. That sounds kind of cool but there is a downside. She lives right next door to a werewolf and to a werewolf a coyote is the other white meat. She finds herself embroiled in werewolf, vampire and fae politics; doing battle with a bunch of mercenaries who are using werewolves in their drug experiments and as you would expect getting caught naked outside after shifting.Moon Called is great! It's damn fine urban fantasy. but...I have one problem with this book, and I'm not sure if I have the right to reduce it's rating based on it. The problem is called Penguinomics™ Penguinomics 101 (Prof. M. Searock). A brief google search showed that the average price for an eBook version of a current bestseller ranged from $7.00 to $9.00. Key words..."current bestseller". The current price for the Kindle version of Moon Called is $12.69. A book that was released in 2006 and presumably isn't on any current bestseller lists. This is a great book but as Searock so eloquently put it, Penguin needs rehab.