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Last Will - Bryn Greenwood 3.5 Stars"What a cunt," Ray said, louder, emboldened by his friends' laughter. Meda didn't pause and my gut churned to hear him reduce her to the thing he'd done to her. The truth is that every fistfight I ever had, most of them with Robby, ended with me getting the worst of it. I was not prepared to take on five guys. I wasn't afraid. It's not like my nose was ever going to be straight again, but it seemed futile. I think even by the kindest of standards I was something of a weakling, but I had only one chance to do the right thing. Then it occurred to me: I didn't have to take on five guys. Ray Brueggeman was so intent on Meda's retreating back that he didn't even notice me.As a child Bernie was kidnapped and held for ransom. His parents refused to pay the ransom and before being rescued he was beaten, tortured and finally shot and left for dead. Now as an adult he has inherited a vast fortune, but he is still mentally fragile.Mr Darryl produced medical records detailing his clients broken jaw and teeth, and with a flourish, several Polaroid pictures of a swollen and blackened Ray Brueggeman. In one photo, he grimaced, showing the metal scaffolding that held his jaw together. I couldn't stop myself from smiling and Alex admonished me with a look.As a young adult Meda was raped. The boys who attacked her had connections and were not punished. She has been used by men all her life, and the last thing she needs is someone like Bernie using the power he has over her to manipulate her. "The supposed merits of your case aside, let me tell you what's going to happen if you proceed with this. Unless you drop your suit, my client has instructed me to pursue any and all legal recourse on behalf of Meda Amos against My Brueggeman for his 1988 assault on Miss Amos."Last Will is a quirky romance about two very damaged people who find a sense of belonging in each others arms. Both have some serious baggage, Bernie's many traumas manifest themselves in the bedroom. Meda can't commit to a man who she loves and who loves her because of her family history. I can't really fault the book in any way but it never really grabbed me. While I was reading it I was enjoying reading it, but I could put it down for a few days without feeling any compulsion to finish it. It has quite an interesting narrative style, first person but from three separate perspectives (Bernie, Meda, Aunt Ginnie). It's not a page turner, but there are some good things going on there."I'll make you an offer," I said. Both lawyers turned and looked at me. "You can recoup the cost of some of your wasted time. I'll give you $100 for that picture." I indicated the uppermost Polaroid on the stack of pictures he had laid out.