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Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back - Josh Hamilton, Tim Keown I love baseball. It's as close to a spiritual experience as I go. I don't just think it's a beautiful game, I think it's "the" beautiful game. So I'm interested in a talented player like Josh Hamilton, but this book was a disappointment. This book went into great detail about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. Honestly, what should have been a chapter was half the book. He talked about his fall from grace, his conversion to Christianity and his return to major league baseball. OK, I can deal.His real sin in my opinion is that he has set himself up as a role model, and then stepped out on his wife. What that says about the way a woman can be treated is unforgivable. If he kept his private life private, just concentrated on his baseball, I might look at a photo of his smoking hot wife, shake my head and wonder why anyone would step out when she was waiting at home...but I could let it go and say it's none of my business.As it is, he made himself a role model and he needs to be held to a very high standard. I liked him until I read this book.