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Body Double - Tess Gerritsen I quite enjoy reading Tess Gerritsen but occasionally I have a sense of unease about some of the things she depicts. That is very much the case with "Body Double". I know horrible things happen, I have spent a good deal of my life examining some of those horrible things before a nervous breakdown forced me to turn the page on that part of my life. As a result I tend to avoid books which cross certain lines. This one drew me in and by the time those lines had been crossed I couldn't put it down, not really because it was great so much as I needed the resolution. So what can I say about Body Double. It seems like a mess as you are reading it, but somehow it all comes together by the end. It's not one of Tess Gerritsen's best books nor is it one of her worst. It's worth the effort if you have the fortitude...if you're not a wimp like me.