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A Skeleton in the Family (by Leigh Perry)

A Skeleton in the Family - Leigh Perry

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When Georgia finds a job teaching at the college in the town where she grew up, she jumps at the chance to move back into her childhood home with her young daughter. But her home comes with a permanent resident in the attic. 


Sid is the skeleton in the closet. Really, Sid is a skeleton. He has lived in the house since Georgia was a young child. He's happy in his attic reading and rattling around, but when he encounters a woman from before he was murdered he starts to fall apart...literally, he falls apart. (OK I'm going too far with the puns...I'll stop now.)


A Skeleton in the Family was a moderately entertaining cozy murder mystery. A skeleton as a character is an interesting idea and the author gets as much mileage as she can from it, but in the end it’s not quite enough.