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Miracle Lane (by Edie Ramer)

Miracle Lane - Edie Ramer

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After being run over by a car Nia has been left with no memories of her life before. All she knows is everyone in her family despises her and one of them tried to kill her. Her only ally is Bast, a talking cat who is determined to guard her come what may. 


Returning from Afghanistan with his own ghosts, Rob the identical twin brother of the local cop, shows up at her house after she calls about an intruder. After failing his comrades in Afghanistan, he's determined to save Nia from whoever it is that wants her dead. 


It’s hard to know where to put this book. It’s a contemporary, suspense, paranormal romance that deals with some very dark topics. It’s not the best written book, but it’s one of the most interesting concepts I’ve encountered in a while.


It’s a dark fairytale with insidious undertones.


Many thanks to Blue Walrus Books and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC