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The Sassy Belles (by Beth Albright)

The Sassy Belles - Beth Albright

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When her lover, Lewis apparently dies during a passionate assignation, Vivi Ann runs from the hotel room and immediately calls her best friend and lawyer Blake. But when the ambulance arrives, his body has disappeared. With sightings of Lewis coming in from all over Alabama it’s up to Blake to get to the bottom of the mystery.  


The Sassy Belles isn’t perfect. There are a couple of plot flaws and it feels a little bit like a rudderless ship. But it’s such good fun that I can’t hold any of that against it.  


I listened to the audiobook narrated by Allison McLemore who has a voice like dripping southern honey. She’s a standout for me as the best narrator for books set in the deep south. Three stars for the book and the fourth star for the narrator.