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Written in Red (by Anne Bishop)

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

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Meg is a blood prophet. She is able to predict the future, but the price is high. For every prophecy she needs a cut, the deeper the cut the better the prophecy. Her controller sells her skin to those willing to pay for it.  


Now she has escaped her controller and she seeks shelter amongst The Others. Werewolves, vampires, elementals and other supernatural creatures.  But her controller won’t let her go without a fight and he has dispatched hunters to find her.  With the human government agitating for her return and The Others just as determined to protect her, the situation could easily descend into war. 



The set-up for this book is great, and the ending is amazing!  But this book is way too long. All the elements of a 5 Star book are present, except a vicious edit.