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Sleigh Belles (by Beth Albright)

Sleigh Belles - Beth Albright

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After the director of the yearly Christmas play falls ill, hard nosed reporter Dallas finds herself press-ganged into the job. With her job on the line she has little choice but to step up...even though she will be working alongside Cal, the guy she has been in love with since school.  


Cal has never thought much of Dallas. She’s always been the ice queen and he has no room in his world for her.  But as the weeks pass the walls Dallas puts up to protect herself start to crumble and he gets a glimpse of a woman who has suffered the ultimate betrayal.  


Sleigh Belles is light hearted fluff. For some entertainment that isn’t too taxing it’s pretty damned good. It felt a little like Groundhog Day...if Bill Murray was an attractive woman from Alabama.