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Friends Without Benefits (by Penny Reid)

Friends Without Benefits - Penny Reid

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As a child Elizabeth was picked on by Nico. Through their teenage years there was no let up but she was able to endure it with the help of her one true love, Garrett.  Then Garrett died and Elizabeth was left alone.  


Ten years later and Elizabeth, now a doctor avoids relationships. Nobody can replace Garrett. Then Nico walks into her hospital with Angelica a young child with a rare disease. With Elizabeth treating Angelica’s condition, she can’t avoid Nico, but despite their attraction the shadow of the past threatens any hope they have for happiness.


Friends Without Benefits is witty, occasionally funny, much longer than the books I usually read and great fun. It’s a cute and quirky love story that is both smart and easy to read.


Many thanks to Penny Reid for providing me with this ARC