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The Perfect Match (by Kristan Higgins)

The Perfect Match - Kristan Higgins

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At 35, Honor discovers she will never be more than friends with benefits for the man she secretly loved since school. Then a matter of weeks after laughing off her suggestion they marry, he gets engaged to her closest friend.  


Humiliated and desperate to save face she agrees to marry Tom who desperately needs a green card or he will be sent back to England and away from the troubled teenager he considers his son.  


As you would expect, there are misunderstandings and missteps at every step of the way as they both question the others feelings. 



I’m not a big fan of the “marriage of convenience” trope. Honestly it usually drives me to distraction, but The Perfect Match had enough good stuff going on that I’m happy to set aside my misgivings aside and give this one four stars.