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Not listening to hip hop....anymore.

I like music and I'd like to think I'm open to all styles. I listen to everything from punk and ska, to swing and jazz. I like country and I'll even listen to techno when I'm in the mood.


But I've decided I'm not going to listen to Hip Hop and Rap anymore.  I'm disgusted with the way they depict women in their videos. I'm sick of women being treated as little more than sexual playthings.  


It isn't empowerment, it's objectification.  It isn't irony, it's porn (what idiot thought that was a good argument?).


I know there are rap and hip hop artists who buck this trend. I have much respect for Michael Frante, but I'm sad to say they really aren't making much difference. It's like throwing an ice-cube into a pot of boiling water. 



So, young men need to learn to treat women with respect, and hip hop is teaching them that women "want it".  I don't want that attitude in my home.