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Autumn Lover (by Elizabeth Lowell)

Autumn Lover (Maxwells, #1) - Elizabeth Lowell

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Elyssa is a rancher struggling to survive in the male dominated Wild West. When the Culpepper’s a band of outlaw’s from Texas decide her ranch will be the perfect hideout from the law she finds herself and her ranch-hands under constant attack. 


Hunter has been tracking the Culpepper’s who kidnapped and sold his children to Injuns (getting the idea yet?) from Texas.  With revenge on his mind he signs on as Elyssa’s ranch foreman. 


Autumn Lover owes more to 1950s John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart films than to any history book.  It’s entertaining enough even if it’s clichéd and a little derivative. It was a pretty good way to kill some time but it’s hard to see it winning any awards. If you want great, read Beautiful Bad Man by Ellen O’Connell…if you’re not too fussed, this is pretty good but read Beautiful Bad Man as well.