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The Spider (by Jennifer Estep)

The Spider - Jennifer Estep

The Spider is the tenth book in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series.  In it, we return to the very beginning of Gin’s life as an assassin, way back before Fletcher was murdered in book one, Spider’s Bite. 


Gin has been hired to kill Cesar Vaughn, and with his daughter showing signs of abuse, Gin is champing at the bit to get the job done. But Fletcher smells a rat and wants Gin to be cautious.  


When she runs into Sebastian,Cesar’s charismatic son, she knows there is no hope for a future, but she just can’t stay away. 


The Spider feels a little like a ticker tape parade with younger versions of all the characters showing up for the party. It reminds me a little of a car I drove in the late 1980s, a lime-green Alfasud. It wasn’t perfect, occasionally frustrating, but all in all it was a great car. A lot of fun and much loved.