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Santa Olivia (by Jacqueline Carey)

Santa Olivia - Jacqueline Carey

Loup was born in Outpost, a border town in Texas under martial law.  Her father was a wolf man super soldier who escaped from his military masters and for a time found comfort in the arms of Carmen, but before she was born he was discovered and had to escape to Mexico.


Apart from the gift of her name, she inherited super strength, agility and speed from her father, and after witnessing injustices perpetrated by the military she and her friends decide to revive the legend of Santa Olivia and get justice for the towns folk.  


But even with her super abilities, she knows that her time is short and the military will eventually capture her.  



I have a lot of love for this book.  Honestly, I was tempted to walk away in the early stages but I persevered and it was worth it.  After that initial grind, when it finally gets to Loup's story, the payoff is big.