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Off the Edge (by Carolyn Crane)

Off the Edge - Carolyn Crane

Macmillan is a hunter. His weapon is words. From a person's speech patterns he can know where they come from and who they've been with. He is in Bangkok hunting down the Jazzman, an arms dealer who is planning on selling a weapon that could bring governments to their knees.  


After she handed the evidence to throw her violent and abusive husband into prison, Laney immediately went on the run. She knows Rolly won't forgive and she knows that if he finds her a fate much worse than death awaits.


When Macmillan sees Laney singing in the hotel where the auction is set to take place, he immediately knows she is running.  He understand her songs are more than just background noise in the hotel's restaurant. Then he discovers she might hold the key to finally identifying the Jazzman.



I have so much love for this book.  There aren't many books that surprise me, but I've read four books by Carolyn Crane and they've all blown me away.  Read this book, especially if you're a lover of Romantic Suspense.  It's worth it.