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Beyond Texas (by Ann Defee)

Beyond Texas - Ann DeFee

Twinkie is the mayor of a small town in Texas that has fallen on hard times. She is desperate to turn the town's fortunes around so when Cole rides in on his motorbike claiming to be on a scouting mission for a big Hollywood movie, she pulls out all the stops to impress him.  


Cole shows up in town undercover and searching for his sister who was kidnapped by a religious cult. He quickly discovers she and a bunch of young pregnant women are being held captive in a former military base on the edge of town. 



There are some good things about this book.  There are a bunch of cute and quirky characters. There is a bit of a paranormal twist with ghost lights that save people who are lost in the desert. There is a healthy dose of suspense with the young women being held captive by the religious cult, and there is a bit of a romance going on between Twinkie and Cole. 


But the good in this book isn't nearly enough to save it from the way story ended.  Everything in this book was leading in a particular direction, and then completely out of the blue, almost as if the author got bored, the story finished.  I don't usually mind a few loose ends, but when those loose ends are key plot points it leaves you a little miffed.